Named Scholarships

Named scholarships can be established through the Wilbanks Foundation if they adhere to the Foundation's criteria for acceptance.  Scholarship endowments require a minimum endowment of $25,000 before any disbursements.  Named scholarships must meet the same basic criteria as Wilbanks Scholarships with regard to ROTC participation, remaining in good standing, and other selection criteria.


In Georgia alone there are an estimated 700,000 current and retired veterans.  In addition to these service men and women, there are untold others who served our Country with distinction.  By offering an opportunity to honor those service men and women, the Wilbanks Foundation is providing families a valuable memorial, while promoting the values these men and women fought to preserve.


How we honor men and women who have served in the military speaks volumes about us individually, but also says much about us collectively as a nation. Through named scholarships, the foundation offers families and friends an opportunity to recognize retired or deceased service members for their contribution to our freedom.

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